Inca Guesswork

Churchfield Alpacas Herd Sire

Inca Guesswork is a stunning looking male who has great presence and stature, his conformation is very correct and his substance of bone and body volume add to the overall appearance. The fleece on this male is very soft and uniform in both colour and micron, each staple contains well aligned fibres that are deep crimping and densely packed. Guesswork's pedigree is full of famous names and proven lines that have been the core to Inca Alpacas herd for many years, As you can see by the images listed below Guesswork produces progeny that have great presence with correct conformation and stature.


Name of Sire
UKBAS04308 - ATA Cambridge Centurion
Name of Dam
UKBAS14990 - Inca Essence


Sire Family Tree
Sire:   UKATABASM0092 - Salta of Atlantic (Import)
Dam:  UKATABAS00237 - AA237 of Atlantic (Import)
Sire:   CHIL.M - Chilean Male
Dam:  CHIL.F - Chilean Female
Sire:   CHIL.M - Chilean Male
Dam:  CHIL.F - Chilean Female
Dam Family Tree
Sire:   UKBAS08468 - Lillyfield Jack of Spades of Inca
Dam:  UKBAS07488 - Inca Bethany
Sire:   IAR/38765 - Blue Grass Bollinger
Dam:  IAR/44694 - Lilyfield Matilda
Sire:   UKBAS04308 - ATA Cambridge Centurion
Dam:  UKBCL15028 - Black Angel of Inca


Date of last fleece sample
23rd May 2014
Fleece Number of last sample
Fibre Testing Authority
Australian Alpaca Fibre Testing
Diameter (Micron) of last sample
22.50 µ
SD of last sample
5.00 µ
CV of last sample
22.30 %
Last sample % Fibre Over 30 microns
8.20 %
Last Comfort Factor (%)
91.8 %
Last Yield (Kg/Year)
2.62 Kg


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