Our first show !

It was our first show and we was nervous, we didn't know what to expect ! So we concentrated on 3 of our alpaca fleeces Hilly Ridge Castro, Inca Isa and Hilly Ridge Churchill. After all the skirting and panic over, It was time to wait for the Heart of England Alpaca Show to take place. To our surprise we had some great news for our first show Inca Isa came 5th, Hilly Ridge Castro came 6th and Hilly Ridge Churchill came 7th we was extremely proud for our first attempt into the alpaca world. There was strong competition and with about 240 entries it was going to be a tough one !..... Inca Isa and Hilly Ridge Castro got a rosette each for being placed and that's not all I received a wonderful comment from the judge which will always stick In my head, at the bottom of the score card there is a box for comments and in Hilly Ridge Castro "well skirted" was written there! I've never been so proud ! what a huge achievement :D

National 2016
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