Bambi's cria is here !

Inca Bambi gave birth to a stunning true black girl today ! sire- Inca Flagship. Inca Bambi started to show signs at 10.30 am by separating herself from the herd, although she did join the herd for breakfast, she was a very grumpy alpaca !.....​

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Inca Bambi started to lay down on one side and thrash her legs about showing discomfort, she also hummed a lot, at 10.40 am I left Bambi just incase she didn't want me to be there, but at about 10.55 am I noticed Bambi had disappeared ! I walked over to the shelter and there was Bambi waddling with two feet and a nose popping out :D Bambi's cria is coming :D, Bambi took herself to the shelter to give birth ! she is such a smart alpaca ! By 11.30am Bambi had given birth to a beautiful true black girl !! she is a stunner !

We have called this little girl Churchfield Azaria !!! Azaria was up and walking in no time !! And all the other Alpacas where so nosey they couldn't wait to meet the new arrival :D Churchfield Azaria's birth weight is 8.6kg !!! WOW

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Bambi's Due Date !

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