A great start to 2017

Churchfield Alpacas traveled to the BAS National Show on 24th March 2017, We fed all of the animals packed the Pac-Van full of the necessary equipment for the show including the animals ;) We set off around 09:00 and arrived at the international center around 13:00 we made good time considering the M6 had awful traffic.

After unloading all the equipment and animals in to there pens we had to be colour checked our light junior female was changed to the white class looking at the programme realising how much competition there was for her age, There was a around 40 junior female whites being shown split into 4 classes, Our little Ballet Dancer wasn't being shown until the Sunday afternoon, So you can just imagine what was going through our heads.

On Saturday we had an Intermediate Black Female (Aphrodite) in the ring, we was very pleased as she placed 4th in a tough class. Later that day we had our Junior Female Brown (Beauty) in the ring, we was very proud as she placed 5th against some beautiful alpacas. Then we had our Adult Male Light (Day Breaker) in the ring and he placed 2nd which was a great result as its always a great competition against Rico III. A group of us went out for dinner and drinks for Harleys birthday the restaurant was Chimichanga  it was a great evening Harley was thrilled as when the cake came out she was made to wear a sombrero while everyone was clapping then she realised that I had got a cake with the photos of our Cria on top Harley found it very hard to cut the cake for everyone as she didn't want to cut through the pictures so she cut around them all lol.

On Sunday which was Harleys actual birthday we had our Junior White Female (Ballet Dancer) in the ring and to our surprise she placed 4th out of 11 in the split class we was extremely happy with this result as whites are one of the toughest to compete in. Shortly after we had our Junior Male Grey (BedRock) in the ring and this was truly the best feeling we have had at a show so far, Churchfield BedRock placed 1st in a split class then went on to win reserve champion this was certainly the highlight of our weekend.

South of England Alpaca show 2017
Houghton Day Breaker

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